About LutheranHANDS
Our Mission...

The LutheranHANDS Foundation provides guided and educating volunteer opportunities which stimulate growth in faith, strengthen faith-based communities, and provide spiritual strength through service to the world community.

Our beginnings...

LutheranHANDS was born out of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Two youth leaders from the Lower Susquehanna Synod of the ELCA responded to the call for volunteer clean-up help and were forever changed.  The following year they planned a mission trip to return to New Orleans for their congregations and invited a few friends to bring their congregations.  Before they knew it, they had three bus loads of eager young people to travel and the foundation for LutheraHANDS.  Since then LutheranHANDS has led mission trips every summer for 150-200 volunteers and a winter mission trip for between 20-50.  In 2013 LutheranHANDS added an international mission trip and weekends-in-service throughout the year.  Rooted in faith, guided by the call to serve, LutheranHANDS continues to grow and offer more opportunities to serve.

Where we have been...

2015 – Detroit

In cooperation with the ELCA National Youth Gathering, LutheranHANDS helped over 500 young people attend the Detroit event.  Prior to the event, 250 young people donated their time and energy to the communities of Detroit by going to the Gathering a few days early to serve.

2015 – Guatemala

Our international branch, in partnership with Tree4Hope, went to Guatemala to serve in communities, schools, and welfare centers.

2013 – Haiti

LutheranHANDS offered it’s first international mission trop to Haiti in partnership with Hope in Haiti.

2014 – The New Jersey Shore

Tropical Storm Lee slammed into the east coast in 2011.  This storm caused extensive damage all up and down the New Jersey coastline.

2014 – Mexico

Our friends at Lantern Hill will be hosting a small group of international mission trip volunteers in the rural communities of Ensenada, Mexico.

2011 – Nashville

The city of Nashville was underwater in 2010 as the Cumberland River overflowed it’s banks.  LutheranHANDS took a trip to the country music capital of the world with 150 volunteers eager to sing, dance, and serve.

2012 – New Orleans

The ELCA National Youth Gathering was once again in New Orleans.  LutheranHANDS repeated their success of 2009 by offering a Pre-Gathering mission trip to 200 Gathering participants.  This time, we stopped half-way to New Orleans in Birmingham, Alabama for a few days of service.  In addition, LutheranHANDS recognized the high cost to travel to the Gathering so organized a caravan of charter buses to offer low cost transportation to whose interested.

2013 – Birmingham

Birmingham was such a great host to LutheranHANDS, that we decided to return in 2013 with 150 volunteers.

2008 – New Orleans

Our first mission trip was in response to Hurricane Katrina in the city of New Orleans.  150 youth, young adults, and adult leaders traveled to New Orleans to serve for 5 days in the flooded parishes and wards surrounding the city.

2009 – New Orleans

The next year we offered our first Pre-Gathering mission trip in combination with the ELCA National Youth Gathering.  200 Gathering participants from the Lower Susquehanna Synod traveled to New Orleans a few days prior to the Gathering and served the people of Biloxi, MS – a Hurricane Katrina hit community.

2010 – Chicago

LutheranHANDS responded to flooding in Northwest Indiana with 200 volunteers who donated their time to help rebuild.

Where we're going...

LutheranHANDS recognizes that the need is great for volunteer help and that there are many volunteers who want great volunteer opportunities.  We will continue to provide opportunties as long as we can.

We are branching out.  As LutheranHANDS grows our ability to offer more, we are expanding geographically.  We originated in central Pennsylvannia and are now serving volunteers in New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.  It is our goal to serve volunteers all 50 states the best way we can.

Right now, we offer mission trips domestically and internationally to youth, young adults, and adult leaders every summer and winter.  Some of our future endeavors may include:

  • Young adults mission trips

  • Mission trip conferences for adult leaders

  • Service-oriented volunteer centers and summer camps for all

Be a part of LutheranHANDS – donate today and go on our next mission trip!